Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials (MCAM) is a global manufacturer of thermoplastic materials.

 As part of a global strategic transformation programme, they were relaunching KyronMax®, a combination of high-performance carbon fibre composite material and design and prototyping platform which would help engineers get ambitious ideas to market, fast.  

The Challenge

We were tasked with relaunching KyronMax® to the next generation of engineers.

The challenge was that while engineers love to innovate, the industry can also be risk averse, so they often stick to what they know. We needed a message and distinctive visual identity that would help us ‘self-identify’ the kinds of engineers who would be open to experimenting with a new offering like KyronMax®. 


Our research showed us that a segment of engineers existed who had a new ‘progressive’ mindset – more diverse, more open to new materials and new ways of working.

But they needed help – partners who could help them try new things in a safe and reliable way.  And so, our big idea was born: Partnerships that Break the Mold.   

The strategy was to position MCAM as a partner for visionary engineers who want to do things differently and leave their mark on the world. We would partner with some of the most exciting ‘mold breakers’ in the world of engineering and show how they were using KyronMax® in innovative and disruptive ways. We would put these ‘mold breakers’ front and centre – making them the voice for the campaign and encouraging communities of engineers to join us and become ‘mold breakers’ too. 


The solution

We launched with a bold visual identity and suite of punchy, inspiring messages across a campaign microsite, hero video and over 30 social assets. We targeted engineers across LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, as well as an integrated industry PR campaign.

The microsite featured rich detail about KyronMax®, including a product comparison tool which allows engineers to compare materials and decide which is the best fit for their project. It also gave us a home to talk about use cases for KyronMax® and inspire engineers.  

We broadcasted a webinar featuring one of our ‘mold breaking’ engineers, discussing how KyronMax® had revolutionised their engineering process and mindset.  

In addition, we ran a competition on engineering community WeVolver, offering their members the chance to win $25k of support to use the KyronMax® platform for their project.  


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